When you have time to stop and look around your environment, that is when you realise how beautiful it is and how much you need to protect it. The desire to produce a range of people friendly and earth friendly personal care items started when I had children. The amount of time I was spending outdoors, in gardens and at our local beach inevitably forced my attention to find ways to preserve it.

The consideration for everything you put on your children’s skin and into their bodies led me on a quest for wanting better. That desire spreads wider, like the ripples from the thrown stone in the pond, and you want to make each aspect of the greater picture safer, healthier and accessible.

I have always been drawn to beautiful things, art, textiles and nature. Anything that is well considered and crafted.  A love of design and detail led me into a career in fashion. My career spanned over 20 years, designing, buying and retailing. I love the way people express themselves through what they wear and the emotion that comes when putting a luxurious fabric against your skin. My priorities changed, and I no longer wanted to produce clothing until there was a more sustainable way of doing that. 

 Spending time at the beach created a bigger desire for a cleaner environment. Splashing in the waves at the beach, jumping into water with clean deo, clean sunscreen and moisturises weren’t going to kill everything in the water.