The desire to create sustainable personal care items started when I was jumping off a boat into one of Australia’s beautiful oceans.  

The idea that the products I was using on my body could negatively impact the environment around me forced me to consider a solution.  

I had always sought efficacy in the products that I used but struggled to find ones that met my sustainability expectations as well. 

My husband Jeremy shares my values, and as we discussed possible solutions, we grew more and more excited about the idea of creating a product that delivered them. 

We have always been drawn to beautiful things, art, textiles and nature. Anything that is well considered and crafted.   

Jeremy and I wanted to create a product that was safe, healthier and beautiful to use.  

We found ourselves building a local network of likeminded scientists and collaborators, all sharing a belief that whatever we created must be done well, using the best ingredients and best intentions for ourselves and the planet. And it had to be beautiful.  

Together, we developed our first product- a clean deodorant in a paper tube. 

And so, in 2023, Papermoon was born.  

With so much more ahead for Papermoon, we hope you join us on our journey. 

Louisa & Jeremy