A clean deodorant is a type of deodorant formulated with natural and
non-toxic ingredients while avoiding synthetic or potentially harmful
substances commonly found in conventional deodorants. It focuses on using
ingredients that are safe and eco-friendly.

Clean deodorants are designed to control body odour by neutralizing odour-causing bacteria. While they may not be as strong as conventional antiperspirants at preventing sweat (because they don't block your pores with aluminium), they are effective at keeping odour in check.

Yes, clean deodorants are formulated without harmful chemicals such as
parabens, phthalates, aluminum compounds, synthetic fragrances, and
artificial colors. They prioritize using safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Many clean deodorants are suitable for people with sensitive skin since they
avoid harsh ingredients. However, it's essential to check the ingredient
list to ensure there are no allergens that may cause skin irritation.

Clean deodorants typically do not completely prevent sweating, as they are aluminum-free. They allow your body to naturally sweat while controlling any associated odour.

Transitioning to a clean deodorant may involve an adjustment period during which you might experience increased sweating or odour. It's important to be patient as your body adapts to the change.

Some clean deodorants may leave a white residue due to ingredients like baking soda, which Papermoon is free from. To minimise its contact with your clothes, let the product dry completely before dressing.

The longevity of clean deodorants varies between brands, formulations, and individuals. Some may require reapplication throughout the day, while others claim to provide all-day
protection. A Papermoon deodorant would generally last for three months of daily applications.

Yes we do everything we can to be enviromentally responsible and continue to work with our suppliers on reducing our footprint. Papermoon offsets all its carbon emissions via its partner Carbon Positive Australia, and our cardboard packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. Our mailers are 100% recycle cardboard.

Papermoon is proudly Australian made and family owed, with local manufacturing taking place in Melbourne.