What happens when I make the switch to a clean deodorant?

Jul 05, 2023Jeremy Hunt

Switching to a clean deodorant is actually a significant change for your underarms, and you may experience a transitional phase during which your armpit detoxes.

This transition may occur as your body’s natural processes resume once your antiperspirant stops blocking sweat by clogging your pores with aluminium.

We experienced it when we made the change, but while it does happen to most people it certainly passes, and you won’t look back.

It varies from person to person but it can take about two to four weeks for your body to adjust. Some people may experience increased sweating, others more odour, while others have no issues at all. 

Just don’t be surprised if you sweat a little in the first weeks of use, as your body sheds aluminium from your pores and recalibrates to its natural state.  Soon natural ingredients like the coconut oil and shea butter will absorb that sweat.

If you're making the switch to a natural deodorant for the first time, it's important to allow your body some time to adjust.


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