Why is aluminium in antiperspirants bad?

Jul 05, 2023Jeremy Hunt

Aluminium-based compounds are used in antiperspirant deodorants for their ability to effectively block sweat ducts in order to stop your body’s natural sweating process.

In recent times, there has understandably been concern regarding the potential risks associated with the use of aluminium in these products.

One of the primary concerns is the potential link between aluminium and breast cancer. Some studies have suggested a connection between long-term, frequent use of aluminium-containing deodorants and an increased risk of breast cancer. This has raised alarm within the scientific and broader community.

Aluminium can also be absorbed through the skin, which raises concerns about its accumulation in the body over time. High levels of aluminium have been associated with various health issues, including neurotoxicity and links to Alzheimer's disease. Although these connections remain subjects of ongoing research, the potential risks are significant enough to warrant caution.

Finally, aluminium-based deodorants can cause skin irritation and allergies in some individuals. This can lead to discomfort and inflammation, which often prompts users to switch to alternative, aluminium-free deodorants.

A clean deodorant is not only free of harmful aluminium, it also allows your body’s natural sweating process to occur and be absorbed while negating its odour.



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